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The super tight four-stroke pitbike with 4 gears and clutch. With its compact size and light weight of only 80kg, this scooter easy to store and carry. It starts with the pestle kick on the right side. Remember to turn on the ignition and turn off the kill switch. This pitbike is NOT road legal and therefore only for private and / or off-road terrain. This pitbike is already equipped with a very high quality YX engine.

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Transmission4 Gears
Max. Speed105 km/h
Front BrakesDisc
Back BrakesDisc
Wheels14" Front, 12" Back
Tank Capacity3.2 Liters
Wheiht70 kg
Dimensions1700 L x 780 W x 1000 H (mm)
Front ForkUSD Hydraulic front suspension
Chains428 KMC
Back SuspensionGas Suspension

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what's new?

The RXF changes size and esthetics to offer a motorcycles close to those of the world Motocross championship. The new RXF saddle has the particularity of being extremely thin which facilitates the maintenance of the bike. This saddle is completely independent of plastics and can be disassembled in less than 30 seconds! The new RXF has an additional 25 ° open angle of 2 °.

New custom-made frame foot: With this new frame, an innovative and unique piece is born: a custom-made frame foot molded in one piece! A finish on top but above all more solidity.

No welding has been necessary to create this pedal because it is molded in one piece, it gives it a unique design and rigidity to all tests! Super advanced, this pedal is protected over the footpegs, you can tighten it block, it can still be mobile thanks to its bearing! Always two positions are possible for the brake pedal to optimize your comfort when braking.

New Footrests: Wider foot rests have been developed, with thicker and wider teeth for better reach and comfort when riding your RXF. Do not be afraid of big receptions, these footpegs are mounted on supports molded in the frame, impossible to twist them.

New Forks: The RXF Open, Elite and Freeride models are equipped with new V-one Volt Suspension hydraulic forks of 810mm length. They are bigger than before going from 45mm / 48mm to 48mm / 51mm mounted on black forged aluminum tees, which are wider by 1cm providing more stability in large receptions.

New shock absorber: The RXF Mini, Open and Freeride are equipped with the latest generation Volt Suspensions V-One shock absorbers, this one was developed especially to allow the frame to benefit from the best traction while benefiting from an incomparable comfort!

New Airbox: From the RXF Mini to the Freeride, this new airbox equips the entire RXF range. The innovation of this air box is its removable drawer, it will take you less than 30 seconds to change your air filter! You can now ride winters like summer on any type of terrain with your favorite RXF.

Front / Rear Disc Protections: Front and Rear Disc Protections Now Fit Open, Freeride, and Versions S Models! Combine the useful with the pleasant: A Racing look, while preserving your brake discs!

New front and rear brake discs: The entire RXF range are equipped with new brake discs measuring 220mm at the front and 190mm at the rear: The engineers have designed a larger disc to achieve exceptional braking worthy of the greatest! Thanks to its design these disks allow a better ventilation even during big braking.

Self-locking axles: The RXF is a practical bike especially when you are on a field when you have to change a wheel after a puncture, you have to go fast! Apollo has thought of everything, developing self-locking axles, thanks to them more need to have two keys to dismount your axes! The swingarm axle, the chain wheel are also. We warned you, this bike is at the top!

New chain guide: Designed with a steel plate directly inside, this new generation chain guide is more robust than its competitors. Its center distance is more distant than before ensuring more robustness, it is also provided with two positions depending on the size of the crown.

New chain slider and chain wheel: Sturdier, wider, and longer, the new chain slider provides better arm protection and a better guide. As for the chain wheel, it is now rubber mounted on a bearing and fixed thanks to a self-locking pin and a pin.

New handlebar without bar: The whole RXF range is equipped with a Fatbar handlebar with a new curve for a better driving comfort. It is mounted with its new perforated foam to pass the air vacuum hose of the tank cap in it.

New plastics: The ergonomics and points of contact for the rider have been particularly neat to enhance the freedom of movement and comfort on this RXF. The special shape of the front and rear mudguards guarantees maximum stability and minimal weight, thanks to a well-designed structure and mounting. The big novelty of this plastic kit is the new rigid bib that will protect your damper from the mud.

Hour Meter: The entire RXF range is sold with a service manual so that you can enjoy your bike for the longest time. Apollo engineers have therefore equipped all motorcycles with a com

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                    category OFFROAD PARTS.

 Extra information:

-       When buying a motorcycle course, you get a full detailed explanation. 

-       Delivery is available with compensation. 

-       You can order by a stiffener of € 50.00 or pay the full amount (only for mail ordering).  


-       2 keys

-       Instruction and Maintenance Manual

-       Toolkit


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