Transport Your Load on Wheels Efficiently and Ergonomically!

It is always a burdensome and ergonomically irresponsible job. The moving of heavy shopping cars, hospital beds, transport carts, industry carts, and roll containers. 


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Product Specifications:


-        Size: 76cm(L) x 58cm(W)x 89cm // 106cm(H)

-        Weight: 82kg (with battery)

-        Max. traction weight on level road = 1000kg

-        Max. climbing angle = 6° (the Max. loading capacity 300kg)

-        Running speed (high speed setting) push and pull 5km/h

-        Running speed (low speed setting) push and pull 3,5km/h

-        Min. Turning radius 60cm

-        Continuous running time 4h

-        Battery = 2x DC24V,45AH

-        Charging time 6h